Sea Pearls™?

Sea Pearls™ are natural, reusable Atlantic sea sponge tampons. They are a safe, efficient, dioxin- and rayon-free alternative to the ordinary single-use fibre tampons. Did you know the average woman uses over 17,000 tampons during her menstruating years? Why be the average woman?

Sea Pearls™ are natural sea sponges. Sponges are plant-like creatures growing in colonies on the ocean floor. There are over five thousand varieties, the softest of which are the Atlantic and Mediterranean Silks. As sponges are harvested, millions of egg and sperm cells are released into the surrounding water, making the sponge an ideal renewable resource that provides an ecologically sound product for menstrual use.

You can buy Sea Pearls™ Natural Sea Sponge Tampons at your local chemist, most natural food stores and beauty salons. If your local store doesn’t carry them, please request that they do so!

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Why Use Sea Pearls™?

1. For your Health:
Sea Pearls™ Natural Sea Sponge tampons do not contain any Dioxin, Rayon or synthetic fibres, reducing the risks of related diseases e.g. Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), endometriosis, ovarian, cervical, and breast cancers, and more!

2. To Save £’s
There are significant cost benefits from using Sea Sponges. In each year, the average UK woman will spend around £90 on sanitary products compared with Sea Sponges at just £15.98!

3. For the Earth
The average woman uses nearly 17,000 disposable pads and tampons throughout her lifetime menstrual cycle. Sea Sponge tampons are a sustainable source and reusable for 6 months or more relieving the pressures on the environment normally imposed by standard sanitary products.

4. For your Comfort and Convenience
Sponge tampons are very comfortable, soft and textured like the vaginal wall. Many women report they do not even feel their sponge. Sea Pearls™ are also convenient – no more running to the store for emergency tampons. Sea Pearls™ are very practical, all you need is water to clean them!