What are they?

What are Sea Pearls?

Sea Pearls™ are natural, reusable Atlantic sea sponge tampons. They are a safe, efficient, dioxin- and rayon-free alternative to the ordinary single-use tampons. The average woman uses over 17,000 tampons during her menstruating years. Why be an average woman?

Sea Pearls™ are natural sea sponges. Sponges are plant-like creatures growing in colonies on the ocean floor. There are over five thousand known varieties, the softest of which are the Atlantic and Mediterranean Silks. As sponges are harvested, millions of egg and sperm cells are released into the surrounding water, making the sponge an ideal renewable resource that provides an ecologically sound product for menstrual use.

You can buy Sea Pearls™ Natural Sea Sponge Tampons at your local chemist, most natural food stores and beauty salons. If your local store doesn’t carry them, please request that they do so!

What Some of Our Customers Have to Say About Sea Pearls™

“Wow! I feel so clean and fresh. I was reluctant at first but I can’t imagine why? They’re so comfortable and easy to use. No Fuss, No Bother – Quick, Easy and Convenient. I’ll never use anything else again” Cathy (29), Lancashire

“I’m an aerobics instructor and I like to change my tampon after every class. With Sea Pearls – I can! They’re not drying and I love that they make me feel so clean and fresh” Charmaine (25), Cardiff

“I’ve always hated using tampons and I’ve tried every alternative under the sun but since I’ve found Sea Pearls, I feel I’ve finally found the natural solution. No environmental damage and they’re from sustained resources. What a great feeling to rinse and reuse without throwing one single product or wrapper into a landfill again! My conscience is clear and I’ve got stress free periods!” Anne (37), Buckinghamshire

“I can’t believe its taken me twenty years of menstruating to find the most natural, convenient solution… So cheap too! Now I spend the extra savings on a massage instead of tampons each month!” Clare (46), Kent.

“Sea Pearls, where have you been all my life? I can’t believe its taken me so long to find these little wonders. They’re so convenient and comfortable, I’ll NEVER go back!!” Lyndsay (22) , Norfolk.

“I was always very sceptical but my Mum gave me a Sea Sponge in an emergency… I can’t believe I was so reluctant and didn’t just trust her – thought it would be icky but it isn’t at all. You just have to get your head round it first. I love the Sea Pearls” Kayleighanne (16), Suffolk.

“I’ve been searching and searching for an alternative because I was so scared of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). When a friend of mine introduced me to Sea Pearls, it totally changed my life. Well nearly – since using Sea Pearls, my periods seem cleaner and shorter (I used to be seven to ten days, now I’m between four to five!). I told everybody I know about Sea Sponges – I can’t recommend them enough!” Biba (36), London.

“I’m officially a Sea Sponge addict! I’m using my second set and i will never, no you didn’t hear me… NEVER go back! I love the fact that all I need is one little sponge and I’m good to go. Can you possibly think of an easier way to live? Not to mention the money I save and the pollution I no longer create and the chemicals I no longer jam into my body every month! Thank you Sea Pearls” Fleur (31), Oxford

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