Sea Pearls™ Are Environment friendly.

Half the population of the planet has periods. In the UK alone we buy more than three billion disposable sanitary product items every year; in 2001 we spent £370 million on them. It all adds up to a massive number of items every year, which end up incinerated or in landfills, or reappearing in our seas and rivers.

Did You Know?

The average woman uses nearly 17,000 disposable pads and tampons, the equivalent of 600 pounds of paper and cotton throughout her lifetime menstrual cycle.

It takes more than six months for a tampon to biodegrade, while a plastic sanitary towel lasts indefinitely.

An estimated 8 billion bleached pads and tampons end up in UK sewage systems each year.

Seventy per cent of blockages in the sewage system are caused by sanitary waste.

Sea Pearls™ are natural sea sponges. Sponges are plant-like creatures growing in colonies on the ocean floor. There are over five thousand known varieties, the softest of which are the Atlantic and Mediterranean Silks. As sponges are harvested, millions of egg and sperm cells are released into the surrounding water, making the sponge an ideal renewable resource that provides an ecologically sound product for menstrual use

Sea Pearls™ sea sponges come from Tarpon Springs, Florida on the Gulf of Mexico. Sponge diving was started there in 1905 by the Cocoris brothers. They were so impressed by the high quality of the Gulf Coast sponges that they brought their entire family from Greece to Tarpon springs. This was the beginning of the Greek sponge industry in Florida. To this day, the town of Tarpon Springs still honours its Greek cultural traditions and language.

Sponge tampons are sustainably harvested and reusable for 6 months or more.