Sea Pearls™, Alternative Tampons Are Comfortable and Convenient

Sea Sponges tampons are very comfortable, soft and textured just like the vaginal wall.

Sponges are naturally very absorbent, and most women report they do not even feel their sponge when being used. Some women even use them during intercourse. 

Sea Sponge tampons are convenient There’s no more running to the store for emergency tampons.

Sea Pearls are very practical in all aspects of life, all you need is water to clean them.

Sea Pearls are comfortable, convenient and do not have the same drying effect as a tampon.


Fibrous TamponsVs.Sea Pearls

You may find tampons drying, they can absorb more than just blood.Are more natural to your body’s pH balance.
Dangly string.No String!
You’ll need to buy various absorbency tampons during your cycle.1 sponge does all.
Tampons may not always flush away.No flushing required.
Not all toilets have sanitary bins.All you need is water.
Public toilets don’t always have tampon machines fully stockedA small sponge in a muslin bag hides anywhere.
Tampons may cause a dragging sensation when removed.Sponges are moist so can be changed as often as you wish.
You may get a bunged up feeling with fibre tampons.Sponges are textured like your vaginal wall.
Do you ever run out of tampons?Sponges last 3-4 months.